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Management understands that implementing a Quality Management System constitutes a significant change in the organisation and Quality Culture at Joma and they have established the following Quality Policy accordingly.


Joma is in the highly competitive market of manufacturing "mailboxes and cash boxes" and its clients are demanding products with higher and higher quality requirements. Within this context, Management understands that continuous improvement in quality is a high priority goal for achieving client satisfaction and improving competitiveness.


Joma Management is strongly committed to implementing the Quality Management System and will provide the means and resources that may be necessary.


Management believes staff training and awareness raising about quality are an essential element of continuing improvement and developing workplace skills and they are depending on the cooperation and participation of staff to those ends.


Special emphasis will be put on Process Management in the quality policy. The Process Map and its relationships will be defined and Quality Indicators for monitoring them and Managers for every process will be established.


Joma Management will be attentive to the infrastructures and work environment, while at the same time respecting environmental and safety issues.


Conversely, Management will periodically reappraise the quality system for the purposes of ensuring its implementing and to adopt whatever preventive measures may be necessary. They will also keep up to date regarding new technologies that affect the evolution of the industry.


All employees have been made aware of the Quality Policy and it has been implemented at all levels of the organisation. Management will set Quality Goals and update their Quality Policy annually.


ISO 9001:2008


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